Massage & Healing Practitioner, Health Educator & Speaker


17 years as a practitioner

8 years as an expert speaker & health educator

10 years as a lecturer in human anatomy, therapies and natural rehabilitation



Lia’s mission is to help inspire, educate and empower people to feel better and live healthier lives, in a natural and holistic way.

Lia has been a practitioner for over 16 years, helping people to transform their health, body and lifestyles.  She is highly qualified and has a wealth of experience. She has helped a wide range of people and conditions, especially people with chronic pain, ill health, poor digestion, and post cancer operation/treatment. 


She has a holistic approach to health and always tailors the treatment or program to suit the individual person. Taking into account, stress levels, emotions, nutrition, their lifestyle and past medical history. Lia believes that emotions are very important to health and often people are carrying a lot of stress, anxiety and grief in their body, which can then cause pain, illness or discomfort. Lia works with the person’s body to address the issues and find what works best to release, restore and re-balance.

Personally Lia has been a judo champion, dancer and competed in Triathlons and half marathons. She has also been practicing yoga for 20 years.


She is also a health educator and speaker. Having been a tutor for over 10 years, training people in complementary therapies, then training to become a raw food chef and health coach.  Since then Lia has helped thousands of people through organising and delivering healthy raw food classes, expert talks, retreats and an annual festival called Raw Fest UK.

Lia's therapy qualifications

  • BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage

  • Lymphatic Drainage, Cumbria School of Lymph Drainage

  • Pelvic Pain & Breathing Pattern Disorders with Leon Chaitow

  • Advanced Neurological Techniques with John Gibbons

  • Reiki Master Level 3

  • Sports Massage VTCT

  • Stone Therapy VTCT

  • Management of Activity Injuries VTCT

  • Seated Acupressure Massage, London School of Seated Acupressure

  • Indian Head Massage VTCT

  • Thermo-auricular Therapy VTCT

  • Body Massage VTCT

  • Anatomy & Physiology VTCT

  • Aromatherapy VTCT

  • Baby Massage VTCT


Professional Member of ISRM and Federation of Holistic Therapists

About Lia

Lia’s own Health Transformation


In 2010 Lia became very ill, due to a combination of high stress, toxic relationship and not adequate nutrition. She had all the symptoms of primary progressive MS, she was losing the use of her legs and starting to fall over, she was also 2.5 stone over weight and getting worse each day. The GP sent for tests and thought it must be wither MS or a brain tumor. Tests came back negative for these and they were at a loss and sent her away not knowing what to do. She found a natural practitioner who helped to verify what she felt was the cause and helped her to rebuild her nervous system. She started cutting out sugar, gluten and eating more raw food, and juicing and very quickly starting feeling better. Within 7 months she was symptom free and was able to compete in a triathlon (which she had never dine before).


Her rapid transformation sparked off a desire to help others and trained as a raw food chef and coach in India and then in the UK started holding classes, workshops and retreats as well as incorporating nutritional advice into her clinical practice.  She loves to share the power of plant-based nutrition and shares through her expert talks.

© 2020 by Lia Sokhi      Photography by Jason Spoor & PR4 Photos

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