Lymphatic Drainage -

specialised techniques of massage, stretching, pumping, & breathing 



·       ​Reduces lymphedema, swelling & puffiness in areas such as the ankles, face, arms & thighs

·       Bloated, Sluggish Feeling

·       Before or after long flights

·       Poor and sluggish digestion

·       Assisting Detoxing, Cleansing & Weight Loss

·       Post Operative Swelling and healing   

·       Helps Joint Stiffness

·       Assists Recovery from Surgery especially post cancer or lymph node removal


Gentle and powerful massage techniques that work on releasing and draining excess fluid trapped in the body. The treatment is combination of relaxation, joint mobility, massage, breathing techniques and gentle pumping and stretching. You will also be given after care advice on how you can continue to improve your lymph flow at home. 

Lia has been practicing lymph drainage massage for over 18 years and has successfully treated a wide range of conditions from assisting detoxing to severe oedema and postoperative rehabilitation. Lymph drainage massage is so effective, its helps the body to re-set itself and flow normally again.

The lymphatic system can become blocked and sluggish causing limbs to swell and a general feeling of congestion. This is a powerful yet very gentle treatment, which unblocks and releases the lymph flow, assisting your circulation and elimination of excess fluid from your body. This is very helpful post surgery, following cancer treatment and assisting in detox and weight loss.

Lymph Drainage