Health & Nutrition 

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Health Transformation  

Conditions that may be helped with nutrition advice and coaching: 
Poor Digestion & IBS 
Food Intolerance
Nutritional deficiencies
Low Energy 
Skin Problems 
Excess Weight
Diabetes and Pre diabetes 
Illness Recovery & Post Viral Fatigue
Joint & Muscle Pain
Stress & Anxiety & the effects on your body 
Lia can help with individualised plans as well as recipes, guides and how to videos.     Find out more HERE 
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Lia believes:


  • ‘You are what you eat’ is not an accurate way to assess your health.  You also need to consider when and how you eat, also your stress levels. Its important to identify food intolerances, or underlying health issues that need healing/addressing, to allow you to digest and absorb the nutrients from what you eat


  • Plant based, vegan and high raw diets are the healthiest foods (but you do not need to go vegan. We work with what is right for your body and lifestyle) 

  • Healthy vegan, being vegan or mostly vegan is great, but there are still lots of vegan unhealthy foods. We educate you to understand which are the healthier versions

  • Its important to eat in a way that suits your body as an individual. For example an athlete has very different needs to someone with a more sedentary lifestyle or a breastfeeding mum

  • Your dietary needs are continually changing. Factors such as time of meals, age, the climate you live in, your stage of life, physical activity, stress and anxiety levels. So your diet needs to adapt to these changes


  • Listen to your own body, you actually know what you should eat, but often we don’t listen to our bodies and are disconnected to our intuition


  • Treat yourself! You don’t have to deny yourself treats, you can make healthier versions of the things you like, or just have the original version occasionally  ​


  • Guilt free! It's a process that can take weeks, years or a lifetime to keep working on bettering your health. It can take time, don’t feel guilty, that's worse than the food itself! 

  • Food Addictions, Cravings and Emotional eating, this is what normally affects your ability to eat differently. Working on these and getting back in control is the first step 


  • Not all foods are digestion friendly! Things like nuts and seeds need to be soaked in water to make them easier to digest and absorb 


  • The combination of foods you eat can be causing digestive issues and excess weight. Simple changes can make a huge impact on your health 


  • Raw food is the healthiest, but if you eat too much at the beginning, or certain vegetables that don't agree with you, they can give you an upset ​stomach, slowly increasing raw foods and the right type is best 


  • Stress, Anxiety & depression play a big role in effecting your digestion, and cravings for unhealthy foods