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About Lia


​Professionally Lia has 20 years experience as a health practitioner. Helping people with conditions such as lymphoedema, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and digestive issues. Lia was also a lecturer and tutor of human anatomy, clinical massage and natural therapies for 15 years.  After her own health transformation, she then trained and added nutrition into her practice alongside the clinical massage, lymph drainage and healing. She also became a speaker and health educator in 2012. She has since been helping people through 121 sessions, as well as speaking and running events such as workshops, retreats and festivals. 


Lia has a holistic approach to helping people to transform their health and body. She believes that stress and emotions play a large part in pain and illness and that nutrition is also vitally important. She works with each person as an individual. Working out what can work best to help them as an individual to feel healthier, more content, connected to their body and in charge of their own health. 


Lia uses a combination of nutrition coaching, healing techniques, movement (such as breathing & stretching). As a result, Lia has helped hundreds of people to transform their health naturally and sustainably. 




Lia was been vegan been for 16 years. In 2010 she used a raw food diet and natural therapies to recover from a severe neurological illness. She was experiencing symptoms of MS, unable to walk, was 2.5 stone overweight  and almost in a wheelchair. She transformed her diet and removed the source of stress. Within 7 months, she was symptom free, lost all the excess weight and she was able to compete in triathlons and a half marathon. After that it sparked a passion for the healing power of nutrition and to help others. She trained as a raw vegan coach and chef.

Lia grew up with the use of natural medicine alongside conventional therapies. From a young age she experienced Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Reiki and Herbalism. Lia has also practiced yoga and meditation since the age of 15. 

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